Monday, February 6, 2012


Great literacy and science integration project to accompany any seed/plant study or the K reading book "Seeds." This can be done for less than 5 bucks for the whole class. Felt, straw, yarn, crayon.

Shake Em Up Phonics!

Great activity for practicing short-vowel words with Kindergarten. All available at Wal-Mart. Metal magnetic canisters in office supply/desk accessories aisle. Foam dice were foam stamps from arts/crafts that I pealed the stamp part off of and re-labeled with my own letters (sticky labels from yard sale/office section). Dry-erase boards are magnetic and come with pen that has eraser attached (handy). All students do is "shake 'em up" and then write the letters that they get. They then have to sound out the words and decide if that's a real or "silly" (nonsense) word. We then discuss the meanings of the real ones. Be careful to control what letters you put together as possibilities -- don't want any curse words coming up! Somehow you'll need to signify n and u to be differnt also because they might roll upside down.