Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Few New Projects...

No, that isn't a project I wanted to be doing this close to the beginning of school.

It's the reality though!  I've had the distinct fortune of a waterfall in my classroom.  That's right.  I've had good ole Niagara running down my classroom door.  Said leak knocked out the lights for several days, so I had the pleasure of working in the dark.  I also will get to redo my door.  Fun times!

But, hey, I have a job five miles from my house.  I ain't complainin'!  (Well, maybe a little hahaha...)

P.S. I love those chalkboard stickups from the Target dollar spot.  I hung them next to my door, so the kids will have to say the week's sight words every time they exit.  They are erasable!  So easy and cool!

My school is not doing the Leader in Me/Seven Habits program this year, but the school I worked at last year did.  I fell in love with the 7 Habits, so I'm going to still use them in my classroom as the basis of my rules and management.  I wish I'd had the time last year to make these canvases!  Yay for time and for Cricuts.  I found the 7 Habits clip art on Etsy.

I made this with a black foam project board from Dollar Store and all the rest is cardstock cut using a Cricut.  I will add the students' pictures (holding the corresponding number to the dates of their births).

I love these bookshelves.  They are made from vinyl gutters which I spray painted black.  Well, technically, I TRIED to spray paint them, but my attempt was a massive failure.  My dad redid it for me hahaha.  I mounted them with Command strips.  They stay on, but they won't hold anything heavier than a small paperback like these six books are.  I really hoped they would hold a couple of my hardback books, but no such luck unless I adhere them with something stronger to the wall.

Another view of this area of the classroom next to my reading center.  I also made the days/months poster using Cricut.  I figured -- why not?  Those posters are always so expensive at the teacher store; I might as well make my own and have it fit my color scheme.

This is not a project I did at all, but I still had to post a picture.  I LOVE this clock, and guess where I found it!?!  Not a store, not online, nope... in my parents' spare bedroom.  On a visit to their house last week, I was changing my son's diaper in what used to be my brother's bedroom.  I looked behind me and noticed this large wall clock and thought, "THAT would be PERFECT in my classroom, and I know the PERFECT spot for it."  Like any good parent should do, mine (of course) said I could have it.  I brought it to school, and it's as though it were built specifically for this spot that had been open next to my flag.  It faces where I will be sitting with my small reading group, so that will help me keep track better.  I hung it up there with one of those Command strips that has a picture hanger knobby thingy on it.  I pray it holds, because if the clock falls and breaks, I will cry and die.

This is the last thing I'll share for now.  I saw a similar idea on Pinterest, and I love it.  In a Kindergarten classroom, I am ALWAYS finding crayons on the floor.  Kids find them, too, and come up to me saying, "Mr. H, I found this!"  Now, they will know where found crayons go, and this also solves the problem of, "Mr. H, I lost my _____, or I need a _______." Need a color? Find a color!

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